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 Balanced Leader Bespoke

I developed the Balanced Leader Programme - see details below - so that participants can support each other through the journey to a more balanced life. However, I know that some women will prefer to work with me one to one - allowing us to focus more specifically on your challenges in a shorter period of time. For this reason I also offer Balanced Leader Bespoke -
a coaching and mentoring programme that can be tailored to your needs.

Balanced Leader Bespoke comprises three modules:

1. Navigating to Balance in Your Job;

2. Bringing Balance to Your Team;

3. Balancing Your Future.

Having completed the first module, you choose whether to continue and which modules you want to continue with. More details about each module – including costs – can be found here.

"I personally think your style is your biggest asset. I felt comfortable with you from the first mihute we spoke, which has allowed me to be honest with myself as much as you" Lisa G

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If you're looking for individual coaching please get in touch to explore the possibilities.


My workshops are based on twenty-five years experience of corporate work-life balance issues and focussed on those areas where I can make the biggest difference - empowering high potential women to become Balanced Leaders and enabling employers to craft Quality Flexible Jobs. This year I'm also offering a series of short workshops and a one-day workshop all based on my new book.

  #Upcycle Your Job - Short Workshops

  A hA series of short (60 to 90 minute) workshops based on my book. Each can be delivered as a 'lunch & lean' session, as skills building for your parents or women's network or as a way of marking National Work Life Week. 

More information here.

 ###Upcycle Your Job - the one day workshop

  A hA highly practical workshop also based on the book. We will go beyond simply trying to squeeze our lives into traditional flexible working arrangements an d learn how to create cutomised jobs that support both our cafreer aspirations and more balanced lives. 

More information here.

If you simply want to book a place click here.

Masterclass: Crafting Quality Flexible Jobs

Research has revealed that employers who don't offer flexible jobs could be missing out on the skills of nearly two million people. Offering flexible working at senior levels has also been identified as a proven smeasure for progressing women's carreers.

This highly interactive masterclass equips participants with practical tools and techniques for developing Quality Flexible Jobs tailored to your organisation's needs. Learn more

"I've gained a better insight into how to strategically recruit a flexible workforce and have been given some food for thought regarding how to approach managers' concerns."
Participant, Credit Suisse


"It made me think more about how we do what we do. Overall very enlightening and thought provoking."
Participant, Birmingham City Council


The masterclass has received excellent feedback from previous participants.

The Balanced Leader Programme

A programme designed with high potential women in mind. Women who are struggling to balance the challenges of stimulating work with family responsibilities; who've worked hard to achieve career success and want to remain on the corporate ladder. And who also want to do the best by their family. The unique value of this ground breaking programme lies in its acknowledgement that women need balance to succeed at work and at home - and the emphasis on developing leadership skills which help maintain that balance.

In this highly practical series of four workshops we will go beyond simply trying to squeeze our lives into traditional flexible working arrangements and

  • Create Quality Flexible Jobs that support both career aspirations and more balanced lives.
  • Develop skills to navigate new ways of working successfully and to feel in control of the process.
  • Pioneer new career pathways and bring balance to the boardroom. 

Learn more and download the brochure here.

"thank you for the session on work-life balance. You covered a huge amount in a relatively short time, but made it accessible and interesting - no mean feat." Candy Whittome

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