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Client testimonials


"The understanding of our requirements was very high and our needs were addressed accordingly. The quality again was a very high standard - advice was relevant and concise to business needs. We achieved a lot in the time allocated. This project has been extremely useful to our firm."
Lucy Armstrong, Shepherd & Wedderburn

"Anna developed a good understanding of our organisational culture. Her work was always of a consistently high quality. She was always reliable. It was a pleasure to work with a consultant who is knowledgeable, but not narrow minded in her interests. We found her to be flexible, willing to go that extra mile for us, understanding of the many competing demands on our time and resources and did her job with good humour and a large dose of patience!"
Tracy Walters, LB of Brent

"Anna was very good at keeping in contact and reminding us of the project. I have really enjoyed working with Anna. It has been difficult to get decisions here and Anna wasn't fazed by that. She managed it well despite the frustration. She was very flexible in terms of dates we couldn't make. Anna is an all-rounder. It has been a good experience working with her."
SS, Outer London Borough

"We undertook the flexible working programme at a time of great change within the organisation but have been pleased with our work with the consultants and the project results."
Tina McEwen, Business Link Lincolnshire and Rutland

"As a charity it is important to us to ensure we provide a good working environment and have been pleased to have the opportunity to improve our work-life balance measures. The 'spin-offs' in terms of external accreditation, improved supervision and appraisal procedures as well as the integrating of planning, budgeting, training and appraisal systems have been very significant to us."
George Ruston, Hope UK

"We have received very positive feedback on your delivery of the Challenge Fund, and I know we are still receiving excellent value for money."
RH, Assistant Director, DTI


"Thank you for your advice. I am pleased to say that we drafted a formal request to my sister's employer, outlining your ideas as to how the part-time working request would be accommodated as you suggested and her employer has now accepted one of the alternatives suggested."
Helen Smith, CIPD Community

"Thank you so much for taking the time for the coaching session. It really helped. Your coaching really gave me clear direction and made me think about what I really wanted."
Julia Bent, CIPD Community

 "I personally feel your style is your biggest asset. I felt comfortable with you from the first minute we spoke which has allowed me to be honest with myself as much as you and remember feeling quite emotional after our first session, as if I'd opened a floodgate of feelings I hadn't been able to share to anyone previously. I also like how flexible you are."
Lisa Glandfield


"I am writing to say a huge thank you for speaking at the Flexible Working conference. I know how much time and effort goes into preparing for a presentation of the quality you delivered and this was reflected in the delegates' comments. Thank you again for helping to make this event a huge success and I look forward to working with you again in the future."
Aileen Cremmins, Events co-ordinator

"A huge thank you for your participation in last week's conference, we appreciated it immensely. Also for your hard work in the earlier researching and writing stages. We are all so pleased with the end result and hope you are too."
Claire Green, Working Families

"I just wanted to say thank you for the session on work-life balance you gave us today. You covered a huge amount in a relatively short time, but made it accessible and interesting - no mean feat. So thanks very much. It was lovely for me to hear someone so passionate about something that has been a rather ill-informed passion of mine for a number of years."
Candy Whittome, MSc Occ Psych, Uni of Hertfordshire

"Anna gave the keynote address at our London Network event. Her talk was current, well-informed and insightful, combining academic research with a keen understanding of the practical implications of work life balance which clearly came from personal experience of how large corporates address this challenge. Our members were delighted to take away some tools and techniques which they can use themselves and with their teams and we look forward to seeing the impact these will undoubtedly have in the near future."
Anna Maria Gray, Head of Operations Systems, Royal Mail