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Breakthrough to Balance

Are you looking for more clarity around your work-life balance?

In this free one hour session I'll work with you to develop a clear picture of what your ideal work-life balance would look like at this stage of your life - and help you identify the first steps to getting there.

What if you could combine parenthood with a challenging corporate career and still feel you're living a balanced life?

Ambitious women are constantly being encouraged to Lean In - but how exactly do we rise to the challenge of keeping our feet firmly on the corporate career ladder without sacrificing everything else that's important to us?

What if you could Lean In on your terms?

The good news is: with almost twenty five years' experience supporting women and employers with work-life balance issues I know it's possible. You can become a Balanced Leader in your corporate role and in your wider life. But you need a strategy and I can help you create it.

Are you willing to take an hour out of your busy working life to identify how you can make that life more balanced?

Then sign up for a Breakthrough to Balance session. (Sessions are conducted by telephone - details will be provided when you email me.) Places are limited so reserve yours today to avoid disappointment.

Available times:

I'm not offering specific dates at present as I'm focusing on speaking engagements to promote my book. However, I'm always happy to arrange a session if you're ready to rebalance your life. Simply send me an email with your preferred time and a second option if possible. Please also let me know:

  • Your full name
  • Age
  • Current Job Title
  • Which sector you work in

I look forward to getting you started on your Balanced Leader journey!