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What would it feel like to 'Lean In' on your terms?

Ever since Sheryl Sandberg published her book ambitious women around the globe are constantly being reminded to 'Lean In' more. For instance, just the other day the chair of the 30% Club - Brenda Trenowden - was quoted as saying "we need women to be resilient, to stick it out".

That's all well and good, but don't you have those days when you think that if you Lean In any further you're going to fall flat on your face? You're tired of navigating a corporate career that judges you by the number of hours you spend in the office while managing the emotional pull of wanting to be a great mother and a good role model for your children.

Would you be excited if I offered you an alternative possibility? One that empowered you to become the leader of your life? One where you continue to progress your corporate career and still feel you're living a more balanced life?

Then you're the woman I had in mind when I developed the Balanced Leader Programme.

Unlike many women's leadership programmes, the unique value of this one lies in its acknowledgement we need balance in our lives; and an emphasis on developing leadership skills which help maintain that balance.

Imagine yourself having completed the Balanced Leader Programme. Six months down the line you have greater clarity about your career priorities and how to achieve them. Your life feels more balanced, more under control. And  you're proud of being a great role model for your colleagues and your children.

Interested? Download the brochure and contact me to arrange an exploratory conversation so we can confirm the Programme is right for you.

Over the course of four one-day workshops you will learn:

  • How to craft a Quality Flexible Job for yourself - one that also works for your employer - so you can Lean In on your terms.
  • The essential skills you need to negotiate and navigate new working possibilities - so you remain in control and can be certain of success.
  • How to use Balanced Leadership to accelerate your corporate career.
  • How being a Balanced Leader will enable you to make positive contributions to the lives of others - both at work and at home.

Reserving your place

Participants should be available to attend all four one day workshops which are held in central London.

There are no open programme dates scheduled for 2019 as I'm concentrating on promoting my book.

I'll be scheduling dates later in the year for 2020. If you'd like to be the first to hear about them please sign up to my monthly newsletter..

The Programme is being offered at the introductory price of £3,000 per person inclusive of VAT.
Each Programme is limited to ten participants to allow plenty of time for individual discussion and group coaching.

More detail about the Balanced Leader Programme

Workshop 1: Developing ongoing flexibility and balance

We start with the foundations: identifying the possibilities for flexibility in your current role and how your work-life balance preferences impact the way you work. You will develop your Quality Flexible Job and prepare to negotiate the new arrangement with your employer.

Workshop 2: The Balanced Leader's skills portfolio

It's likely you will be pioneering a more flexible way of working with your employer. In this workshop we will focus on the essential skills you need to negotiate and navigate that challenge successfully.

Workshop 3: Transforming your team and working environment

When you move to a more balanced way of working you open up the possibilities for people around you to do the same. As you embrace the benefits and possibiities of being a Balanced Leader you will be introduced to tools and techniques that shift the working culture around you.

Workshop 4: Bringing Balance to the Boardroom

Harnessing your Balanced Leader skills you will learn to navigate your career towards the boardroom while feeling confident you are maintaining balance in your life.

Interested? Download the brochure and contact me to arrange an exploratory conversation so we can confirm the Programme is right for you. 

What previous clients have said about me:

"Anna ran a session on work-life balance for me for a group of working mothers, mainly in professional services. Her approach enabled them to take a step back from their busy world and reflect on their deeper drivers for the lifestyle they had chosen. Participants found her session incredibly useful and felt it shifted the way they framed being 'a working mother' and gave them access to new energy and strategies to make it work."
Inge Woudstra - Founding Director

"Anna is flexible, good humoured and focused on getting the job done. But she is also good at engaging with people's concerns and talking in a language which makes them feel comfortable with her."
Head of Diversity -   LB of Brent

"I found Anna an excellent coach. She is calm, objective and a good listener. She is non-judgmental and does not impose her own views and opinions. She is very approachable."
Training Manager, Japanese Bank

Unconditional Guarantee

I am aware that in choosing to work with me you are making a significant investment in your career. I'm confident you will benefit from our work together and the results it brings so I'm prepared to make you an unconditional guarantee. If at any time during the Programme you are not satisfied just let me know and I will refund your fees without quibble.